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She will wind up with her heart broken or pregnant! Now he's a nice boy, but he's...

He's WHAT? He is what? Tell me!

He is trash! Trash! Trash! Not for you!

I just hate how Allie's mom calls noah trash. I always tear up on that part :'[

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hey, i'm new lol. my name is jaimie & i'm 17.
i absolutely love the notebook.
one of the reasons i think i love this movie so much is because it reminds me of me & my boyfriend <3
by the way, i have a new community for fans of the notebook.
if any of you would like to join, that would be awesome.

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I just joined...basically because I'm love "The Notebook"
I'm in the process of reading the novel, and have already seen the movie.
I am completely obsessed with the quotes from both the movie and book.
And well, thats about it. haha :)

please help me

i need help. i jsut watched the notebook for like the 100th time. i need a quote about no matter what they will always be together. (im having a problem with my boyfriend. and this will fix it)


old quote

Someone once posted a quote from the book along the lines of, "I wouldn't die for you because that's giving up, I'd live for you."

I couldn't find it again, so if you know who posted it could you repost? Thanks.
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i have to do a project for school and i chose to read The Notebook. For the project, i have to turn a scene into a comic strip. I was thinking about doing the scene in the book where Noah takes Allie on the boat to see all the swans...but there isn't much dialogue in the book. Does anyone else have a better idea based on the book, and not the movie? thanks [;